Choosing a Baby Name

Baby names… They are often the first of many choices (and arguments) couples have when they find out they are expecting.

I picked out my baby’s name when I was 16. I knew I would one day have a son and I knew I would call him Marley. Luckily (for him) Ryan loved the name too. So when, aged 22, we found out I was carrying a boy it was one thing we could cross off our list.

As baby names go I didn’t think Marley was too controversial. In my very humble opinion it is the perfect mix of unusual enough that none of his classmates will have it and not so ‘out-there’ that people will question our sanity. Many people like to announce their baby’s name once the baby has made a safe arrival – probably because once the baby is here and officially named no one can argue with it. I was happy to tell anyone who asked that we were naming him Marley. Most people, either genuinely or because they were too polite to say otherwise, told us they liked it too. Of course there were some idiots people who asked if we were naming our first child after the dog from Marley and Me (ha-ha very funny). And then there were those who shocked me by saying we couldn’t name our child Marley because he’s not black. And even now when people have seen him and asked his name I’ve had comments like ‘He’s a bit light-skinned for a Marley’ or ‘Oh, I expected him to be darker’.

Maybe I’m living on a different planet but I picked Marley’s name for one reason… I like it. Funnily enough, when deciding on his name I didn’t consider whether it would suit the colour of his skin. Of course, everyone has their own opinions on what makes a good or bad name and that’s what makes picking baby names interesting.

I just hope when Marley’s older he’s proud of his beautiful name – it suits him perfectly.

[hone pics 050215 608

He seems happy with his name


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