Upcycling Furniture

Three things I love:

  • Old things
  • Free things
  • Getting creative

With these in mind, there is nothing I love more than a free (or so cheap it might as well be free) old piece of furniture that I can rework into something unique, gorgeous and that suits us and our home perfectly. Most of the furniture in our house is made up of mismatched pieces that I have sourced from charity shops, eBay and my Grandad and then upcycled to suit my taste.

upcycling furniture shabby chic

Something old

upcycling furniture shabby chic

The top needed a good sanding down

My Grandad does a lot of house clearances for people and if he comes across any furniture in good condition he keeps them by for me to do up. The latest in this collection is an old chest of drawers – perfect because I’ve been wanting a new set for our bedroom.

upcycling furniture shabby chic

Wasp nest!

After sanding them down and getting rid of the wasp nest that was hiding behind one of the drawers (Eek!) they were smooth and ready to be painted. The majority of the other pieces I have painted have been antique white so this time I wanted to use a bit of colour.Our bedroom is along the lines of a floral/romantic theme so I wanted drawers that would work well with this.

I had some pink paint leftover from when we moved in and used this for the frame and top. It’s just ordinary wall paint – I know you can buy paint specifically for furniture but I have always used normal paint and found it works just as well. In fact I once used the much raved about (and very expensive) Annie Sloan chalk paint and didn’t like the results at all!

Anyway, the pink was a bit too bold for all over so to break it up I made a lighter shade by mixing with white paint.

upcycling furniture shabby chic

Rose drawer knobs

I bought some crystal rose drawer knobs from eBay that really compliment the colours and style (£15 for 10). I finished it off by using a gold antiquing rub to subtly highlight the edges.

The finished product looks gorgeous in our bedroom. I love having something completely unique and find it really rewarding knowing that something that would have otherwise ended up on the scrapheap now looks absolutely beautiful and will be used for years to come.

It’s true what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Do you have any tips for upcycling furniture? Let me know what you think

upcycling furniture shabby chic

Subtle gold highlights

upcycling furniture shabby chic

Something new


2 thoughts on “Upcycling Furniture

    • Thank you 🙂 I know what you mean. I first thought I’d have to buy specific furniture paint but it’s just so expensive so I tried normal paint and it’s honestly just as good! I really find upcycling furniture relaxes me and you get pretty things at the end of it 🙂 x


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